There is no doubt that Southeast Asia’s regional giant football team Indonesia is ready to conquer Kuala Lumpur to win every single battle in AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. Now Indonesian squad is completed with selected players from across Indonesia and The Netherlands, young and motivated players are ready to give the best efforts to Indonesia Raya.

But, there are my unfortunate events which happen before the Garuda team step toes in Kuala Lumpur this end of November, young Dutch-born player Diego Michiels is arrested due to night club fight in Jakarta, Papuan sensastion players like Titus Bonai and Patrich Wangai are cancel to join the Garuda hence their respective teams won’t give permission to fly to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia lost one of goalkeepers Samsidar, plus back player Henky Ardiles will no tgo to Malaysia due to leg injury.  Last but not least, Indonesian former captain Firman Utina is not permitted by his respective team to join the Timnas in Jakarta hence his team’s conflict with the national team management in Jakarta.

The good news from Jakarta, Indonesian team is completed with Eurasian Dutch-born players: the Indo-Dutch midfielder Johnny van Baukering, Mollucan-Dutch right wing Tonnie Cussel Liliplay and Eduardo Maitimo, plus now Indonesia has Arthur Christian Irawan, Indonesian Chinese young player from Surabaya, East Java as a back player who plays for Espanyol in Spanish La Liga. Indonesian latest captain from Papua, Elie Aiboy is selected by the coach Nil Maizar instead of Bambang Pamungkas, with this decision I’m actually agree with Mr. Maizar, The Garuda needs leadership rotation,  Elie Aiboy is the most senior player in Garuda, absolutely he earns many respects from his fellow teammates.

Indonesia has a good pack of team to win AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 in Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur, The Garuda is ready to take over the trophy from Malaysia who won in 2010 by infamous laser cheat by their fans when they played in the final match with the Garuda.

The real winner last edition was Indonesia, I still remember in 2010, how Malaysia ashamed by Indonesian twitter people (tweeps) and netizens who gave the fact on internet that Malaysian fans brutally did laser shots to Indonesian players. Well, given the fact that Indonesia has huge population and its netizens, it makes Indonesia being labelled as the  powerhouse for social networks in the world till today.

Even tho we know that win with the shame is not count because the real winner is the real team who plays with sincere and honor, not by bunch of laser shooters from upper tribune, Indonesia with the big heart accepted the bitter result.

Now Indonesia is ready to fight, support our Garuda!


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