Why Indonesia Hates Malaysia: from Rasa Sayange to Batik

What would you do if you have obnoxious neighbor like Malaysia? these are the cases, your neighbor is well known for stealing your culture items, mistreating your immigrant workers, and all people in the world know that they had sent two freaking terrorists to your home.

Indonesia is blessed with 17,548 islands, the equator emerald’s country lies from Indian  to Pacific ocean, makes it the largest country on the wholly island. Indonesia is famous for its cultural diversity with more than 500 local ethnic groups (exclude Arab, Indian & Indo-Dutch) speaking in their  different local or regional languages, various dishes, nice climate and amazing cultures and beautiful tropical islands plus world’s class beaches. Unfortunately,our beloved neighbor country doesn’t have all of them, their small so called “multiracial country” trying to grab all Indonesian cultural items like Gamelan, Reog Ponorogo, Kuda Kepang, Batik, Angklung, Ambonese folksong Rasa Sayange, and several Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng and Rendang.

All I can say is the friendship between Indonesia and Malaysia is steam of rubbish, Indonesian people should protect their cultures from barbaric robbery like I mentioned before. Malaysian’s anthem  is come from Indonesian old song Terang Bulan, and yes many Malaysians will angry with this, but reality is bitter huh?

The valuable friendship between both countries is fully damaged by Malaysian jealousy and their motivation to fulfill their lack of national’s identity by grabbing other nation cultural heritages, most certainly it is pathetic yet so laughable

And this is never stop, why? Malaysian elites trying so hard to blur the line between what item belongs to Indonesia or Malaysia,  and that is pretty sad, both Indonesia and Malaysia have different identity, what’s so called Serumpun Melayu is old-fashioned slogan, we Indonesians don’t buying it  anymore, since Melayu is just small fraction in Indonesian culture, and there are so many ethnics who aren’t belong to Malay. For example a Javanese from Central Java province or a Bugis from South Celebes province is never associated himself as Malay. That’s odd and clear enough to explain what’s going on in modern-day Indonesia. As a matter of fact, today Malaysia itself is really hard to define what is Malay, we Indonesians addressing the term of Malay as association of anthropological term, which is mean that Malay is ethnic group who lives in east coast of Sumatra and west coast of Borneo/Kalimantan, while in Malaysia, they make their own definitions for both political and race separation purpose. Since Malaysian regarding a Malay as a race instead of  ethnic, there is degree of separation between “races” in Malaysia, while in Indonesia, we ignore the racial issue, hence we admit multicultural embrace as spirit of our nation, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or Unity in Diversity

Malaysian Malay is tending so hard to make their own identity by grabbing cultures, artifacts, and values from their Indonesian counterpart to reserve their seat as “bumiputera” or sons of soil, and of course to make their “Ketuanan Melayu” looks even stronger from the eyes of non-Malays.

How come Rasa Sayange being Malaysian song, it comes from Ambon Manise, and southern Malaysian’s accent and Mollucan (Ambonese) sengau “e” is very different and opposites each other and it is very clearly explain that it’ belongs to Indonesia, since Ambon is capital of Mollucas province, Indonesa. Need I say more? Sorry Malaysians you should be polite next time ok? no more stealing please.


When it comes to cultural embrace they will claim that Indonesian and Malaysian people are related each other, yes it’s true, Indonesia is the biggest chunk of Nusantara greater region and Southeast Asian empires like Sriwijaya and Majapahit are Indonesian-today based kingdoms in pre –Islam, so we are the centre of gravity for Malay’s culture which originally based in Sumatra and South Borneo. BUT, when it comes to Indonesian workers in Malaysia, they treating them like animals, just take a look at Nirmala Bonat’s case. Oh poor Malaysia, why you don’t change, what do you need to settle the things up? Civilized country never did that barbarian things like that.

Oh, about Batik, Malaysians handles really well about this issue, they put “Malaysian” after Batik, tada! Batik Malaysia or Malaysian Batik, it has special pattern? nope, they just look like cheaper version of Indonesian coastal batik, no heritage inside or story behind them. Yeah, credit to marketing men, how clever they are. But Indonesian batik is different story, Indonesian (especially Javanese batik) has complex patterns and every patterns has story. Envy enough Malaysians?

Personally I don’t hate Malaysia, Malaysia is beautiful country too, but not as beautiful as Indonesia. I have many Malaysian friends, they are look like me, eating rice just like me and they love Indonesian musics and crappy sinetron thingy. The thing that makes me upset is Malaysian government is tending to complete their lack of identity by stealing Indonesian precious heritage culture which is rich and obviously Malaysia can’t afford our culture.


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